A charter is by the hour transportation that includes unlimited stops - within reasonable limits
Ideal for groups going to dinner, then a show or bar hopping. The limo stays with your group
Stretches are booked at a 
3-hour minimum. All larger vehicles are booked at a 4-hour minimum
All limos include ice, soda, water, beer - alcoholic beverages will only be provided to those verified 21 and over



Airport Arrival:

Upon arriving at the airport, go directly to claim your luggage. Once you have all of your luggage, proceed out the baggage exit and go to the center aisle. Look up at the DOOR NUMBER and call 630-306-4117. Tell the Dispatcher the TERMINAL & DOOR NUMBER that you are waiting by. Wait in the limo pick-up lane (which is the center isle) and your limo will be right down to pick you up in 10 to 15 minutes. At O'Hare exit out of the baggage terminal exit and go to the center isle section D and call Dispatcher at 630-306-4117. At O'Hare INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL passengers must exit out LOWER LEVEL at TERMINAL 5 and wait at section D and call Dispatcher at 630-306-4117. At MIDWAY exit out DOOR NUMBER 2 and go to the limo pick up lane which is the CENTER LANE and call Dispatcher at 630-306-4117

Once at the airport, please follow these instructions:

Whether you checked luggage or not, please proceed to the baggage claim level.
Once you have all your luggage, please call 630-306-4117
Our dispatcher will be waiting for your call.
You will be given the door number and the vehicle license plate.
Please be aware that airport regulations require livery vehicles to remain in a holding area until the customer is ready, so it might take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for the car to reach you.

Baggage Meet (Extra Fees Apply): 

If you have booked a greeter at the airport, then you will find him at the baggage claim, where your flight 
carrousel is located, even if you have no luggage, please proceed to your carrousel, he will be holding a sign that has your name on it.

Airport Waiting Time:

The first 45 minutes at no charge. After 45 Minutes $30.00 every 60 minutes will be charged. If your flight is 
cancelled or delayed please call us at 630-306-4117 to confirm changes.

Changes in Flight Arrival / Departure:

We must be notified of any changes to your travel plans. If no notice is given you will be charged for the trip if the car is dispatched.

Airport Cancellation Policy:

All reservations are subject to a guaranteed payment. A credit card number will be taken when your reservation is placed. The order will be billed if no advanced cancellation is received.

No Show will be charged 100% of service.


1. Find the best limousine for your budget! You want to look good for your 
eventsand have a great time. It's a once in a lifetime kind of experience.

2. Get a contract. If you don't have a contract for your limousine on your special day. Then your chances of that limo not showing up are considerably greater! 

3. Make sure you get to view the inside and outside of the actual limousine you are renting. It can either be from your limo company's website with detailed pictures of the inside and outside or ask them to send you photos of the Limo they will be sending you! 

4. Research the Company you plan to rent the Limousine from, Read online reviews across the 

5.Don't put more people in the limo than it can hold. If a limo is a 10 passenger, that normally means 10 people MAX! Also, remember you are going to have tuxedos and dresses on, You will want to be 

 6 BEWARE OF THE CHEAP LIMO! A saying in the limousine industry goes: "Would you hire the cheapest Surgeon?" Beware of some of the following things that come associated with cheap limousines: Your limo driver shows up in jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis 
shoeswhen your party is dressed in suits, tuxedos, and formal dresses! Your whole party is embarrassed the whole night, but you saved a few bucks! You were told you were getting a 10 passenger limo, and it was $100 cheaper. You paid for it, and a rusty 10-year-old limo shows up right in front of everyone. You're embarrassed once again, and people are laughing about it the whole night! That $100 you saved was actually only $10 per person when you split up the cost, and you got what you paid for: a rusty 10-year-old limo! 



Point to point transportation Sunday thru Thursday for stretch limousines is booked at a 3 hour minimum

Friday and Saturday are booked at a 
4 hour minimum
Larger vehicles(Escalade, Party Bus etc.) are booked at a 
4 hour minimum during peak hours
Peak hours are defined 
as: evening rush hour Thursday thru Saturday
Concert venues(see list below) are booked at a 4 hour minimum for all vehicles
Venues for Sold Out Events: Tinley Park, Soldier Field, United Center, Wrigley Field, US Cellular Field. 
Reservations for these vehicles cannot be made 
on line. They must be made by calling a reservationist

There are no 
one way
 trips to or from these venues.


Wedding transportation for stretch limos

Wedding Limo Rental Advice
For the upcoming 2017 Wedding Season

Nothing says Wedding more than a limo. Whether you’re talking the classic stretch or a stretch Escalade, or a Limo Bus the limo leaves an impression on everyone who sees it. Something fun, Party, a celebration is going on. It’s no wonder then that limos always seem to be part of weddings.

What people don’t know, is also the amount of time and planning that go into booking these wedding day rides for such an occasion. Not to chase you away from renting a limo for your wedding ~ that’s the last thing we would want to do! Our focus is the exact opposite. We want to help you make that search and planning easy so you can get the perfect limo for your wedding day.

When renting a limo, you want to ask three main questions. These will help you to make up your mind as to what your needs are for what kind of limo you want. Let's start with choosing the right limo company, but first, you can’t go to the store until you know what you’re shopping for.

When To Book The Limo?
Most companies will tell you to begin thinking limo within six months of your wedding date. Cutting it any closer could limit your selection of limos and leave you with a risky limo rental company. On the other hand, don’t play it too safe by calling more than a year before your wedding. Some places won't even take your call.

How Much Should You Budget?
A wedding limo rental can cost you on average $300 to $500 for three hours, in a basic stretch limo depending on your location. The type of limo you decide on. Your classic antique cars, Limo Buses, Escalades, and the like, could run you into the Thousands for a full day of rental.

We know what you’re thinking. You can’t cut cost on your flowers or your band, so why not save money on the limo by renting it for an hour. Not going to happen. Read back to where we said 3 - hours. That’s because most companies require at least three hours of renting as a minimum to cover pick-up, drop-off, and all the time spent traveling in between. You will also pay for the limo to wait for you at the ceremony, after the reception.

It may seem like you’re paying half the time for the limo driver to stand around listening to the radio but think of it more like paying for peace of mind. Weddings rarely go off without problems. One of the bridesmaids has wardrobe a malfunction, the groomsmen disappear, the receiving line backs up. You name it, it can happen! So you’ll want to request that limo for more time than you actually think you’ll need, at least an extra hour. On top of that, figure another extra half-hour to organize photos, and another half-hour added on per every 100 people in your receiving line. You stress about everything else during your wedding, don’t add more stress with your limo.

what size limo should you get?
That also gets back to the first two questions, and your budget and tastes. The key is balancing both and making sure that in the end, the groomsmen won’t have to be balancing the bridesmaids on their knees in the back of the not-so-stretch limo. In other words, no matter what type of limo you go for, go with one that’s larger than you think you need. Why? Typically, limo sizes go on the assumption that every person weighs 150 pounds even though we humans come in all shapes and sizes, many females will be under that limit, it won’t take too many Big groomsmen to tip the scales toward crowded, hot, and uncomfortable. So never imagine, for example, you’ll be able to fit 10 people in a 10-person limo. This is the best advise if you have a small group of 8 people rent a 10 passenger stretch. If you have a group of 15 to 18 people rent a 20 passenger stretch SUV. If you have more than 20 consider a Limo Bus that can seat up to 28 passengers and you can stand in them, also if everyone in your wedding group is on the taller side consider a Limo Bus.
And always check out the company you plan to book with, you'll want a company with a solid reputation and experience!

  • 3 Hour Minimum Package
  • No one way trips for weddings​​
  • Each Limo will include the following:
  • Complimentary Bottle of Champagne 
  • Decorations to match Bridal Party Colors
  • Just Married Signs
  • Red Carpet Service (Weather permitting)
  • Ice
  • Soda
  • Water
  • Beer